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Bingo Clubhouse Review

Everyone loves the feeling of being part of an exclusive club, and there’s no better place to hang out with your exclusive friends than the clubhouse!

Bingo Clubhouse Offers

200% First Deposit Bonus

£20 Free with a £10 deposit

100% Second Deposit Bonus

Get a 100% bonus code to use on your second deposit

Spin the Wheel

Spin the Wheel for a guaranteed prize between £10 – £2,500 after 1st deposit

50% Reload Bonus

Get 50% bonus on all future deposits

Registering & Claiming your welcome bonuses

The “Join” button is clear on their homepage, and takes you right to registration which is a neat and easy. There are no card details required at this point, though in order to access any of the bingo games in Bingo Clubhouse you will need to deposit (eliminating non-funded players possibly makes the site more exclusive…I’m not sure). On registering you will be sent through to the homepage which has an overlay asking if you’d prefer to be redirected to Bingo games or Slot games. It doesn’t make any difference to your registration which option you pick here, as it is just a navigation tool – one that I find a bit unnecessary and quite annoying as you’re asked this every single time you log in.

Refer a friend promotion

What’s the point in being in a club if you can’t get your friends involved? Tell your friends about Bingo Clubhouse and if they register and play, you’ll get a £5 bonus. What’s more, there’s no limit on how many friends you can get involved!


The homepage gives a clear list of which bingo rooms are available, but it’s as easy to navigate from within the game lobby. This opens in a new tab, and has a vibrant purple background. I can see that this might be another stab at exclusivity and luxury, but it is slightly at odds with the logo, which is a little cartoon house. That being said, I found the overall interface very simple and pleasing, with a clear tab layout and not too much going on. There is a display at the top of the window which shows your current balance and includes a link to the banking system.

There is no access to any room without depositing at Bingo Clubhouse, so if you’re the type of player who prefers to try out a website before committing to it, this isn’t one for you. Depositing here will get you access to seven rooms, two of which play 75-ball bingo, and the other five of which play 90-ball. There are two free rooms available, both 90-ball games, and neither particularly regular. If you do want to play multiple games then this may not be the site for you, as the only room which seems to run regularly is Lucky Stars, alternating at 25p or 50p a ticket.

The game window itself is once again a nice interface to use, with a large and clear ticket display on the left, and then a chatroom and instant game section on the right. Initially the chat window is quite small, but clicking out of the instant game will expand it. The only issue then is getting the instant game back, which I could not do without leaving the room and coming back in. The chat window includes a list of buddies, and in my experience was quite busy and quite chatty, though there was very little real conversation. There are chat games available.

Bingo Clubhouse Video Review – a peek inside

Our video review of Bingo Clubhouse, gives you a quick glimpse at the website and range of games so you can see what it looks like inside before you sign up.

What can you play?

Free play

Offering not one, but two free games, you’ll enjoy your stay at the Bingo Clubhouse. If you are a VIP you’ll get special entrance to a free room, but there is another for those who haven’t made it yet – both carry real cash jackpots.

Any Extras?

Alongside the two free rooms which are available at Bingo Clubhouse they also have a wide variety of slot games, although as with the bingo there is no free-play option on any of these. Of the free games one is for all players, and the other is for VIP customers only. This is where it gets interesting on Bingo Clubhouse, because rather than being dependent on loyalty points as many schemes are, the VIP scheme at Bingo Clubhouse is dependent on their “Club Coins”, which can be earnt in a variety of ways including weekly member draws.

As I’ve mentioned, the key with Bingo Clubhouse is that you have to deposit to play, but don’t worry, they do have a very generous deposit offer – £20 free on your first deposit of £10, plus a free spin of their wheel which will net you between £5 and £2,500 more. Not to be sniffed at!

  • 90 ball
  • 75 ball
  • chat games
  • free bingo

Pros and Cons

Club coins system for becoming a VIP
Nice and easy to use interface
Friendly chat room and roomies

You have to deposit before you can play anything
Some sites have more choice of games to play
I’m a succer for a good design and this one didn’t do it for me being rather mismatched.

Review updated: May 12, 2016