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350% Bonus

£35 Free with £10 deposit

up to £5 Extra Bonus

Circus Bingo Review

Roll up, roll up! Have you tried Circus Bingo yet? This site launched in summer 2015 on the Dragonfish network. We love the attention to detail that has gone into the design of this site and while it’s part of the dragonfish network and shares some of the network promotions but also has their own exclusives which gives the best of both worlds.

Circus Bingo say that they’re the greatest show on earth and to see if you agree they are offering you a 350% deposit bonus to try out the site and see if you like the cut of their jib. As well as the £35 bonus with a £10 deposit you also get to play Pop Pablo’s Nuts for a chance to win up to an additional £5 bonus.

You can enjoy Circus Bingo whereever you like to play bingo as it works well on computers, mobiles and tablets.

Circus Bingo Offers

350% Deposit Bonus

Deposit £10 and you can play with £45

+ up to £5 Extra Slots

Play the Pop Pablo’s nuts game to win up to £5 extra bingo bonus

Free Bingo

Enjoy a chance to win real cash for free with Circus Bingo’s free bingo games

Review updated: November 5, 2015