The Unofficial

Made in Chelsea

Bingo Card Creator

We are "so so happy right now" that the Made in Chelsea gang are back on our screens in season 10. So we put our favorite Made in Chelsea clichés into a bingo card for you to play along with the show and turn your viewing experience into a "pardy".


"I'm so happy"
Raised Eyebrows
Fingers run through hair
Binky says a stupid thing
Theme Party
Cast "bump" into each other
Posh Transport Used
Expensive drink close up
Drink in the Face

How to use the Made in Chelsea Bingo Card Generator: 1) Choose your card size, and print off. Click refresh symbol to create a new card for each player. 2) Watch Made in Chelsea 3) When you spot a cliché click the box if you're playing online or put a cross in the box if you've printed off your card 4) The first person to get a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line shouts out "I'm so so happy". 5) The first person to get an entire grid shouts out "More Champers"!