Do you have a butler?

We’d all like the have a decadent Downton Abbey style picnic, complete with butler carrying our eclectic antique china and delicately prepared glass mason jars with individual servings of salad... but back in the real world, we've put together our favourite picnic hacks to help make your next picnic a breeze.

Avoid Soggy Bums

Put a shower curtain or vinyl table cloth under your blanket to make sure you don’t get a soggy bum!

Keep bugs out of drinks

A cupcake case is an ideal cover for drinks. Just poke a straw through the middle and enjoy, with no need to fish out any over-keen bugs and beasties. If it's windy, secure with a hair elastic.

Enjoy Cold Drinks

Freeze grapes to bring with you – they will keep your food cool in a coolbox, they won’t melt everywhere like ice-cubes, they won’t dilute your drink, and most importantly, they’re delicious!

Pass the salt, please

Want to bring along salt and pepper or range of spices, repurpose old tic tac boxes rather bringing along your full size shakers.

Keep food cool

Forget ice-blocks, frozen bottles of water will keep food. When they melt you can drink them and you'll have less to carry home.

Makeshift Tables

If you want to keep your food and drink off the ground, pack a foldable plastic crate which you can turn upside down to create a table.

Keep Sand Away

For a beach picnic, rather than taking a picnic blanket, take an old fitted sheet. All you need are some bottles or bags holding up each corner and you’ve got yourself an anti-sand pit

Transport Heavy Food with Ease

Having a bigger picnic? Get hold of your nan’s rolling shopping bag. They have plenty of space and are often very hard-wearing. Much easier than trying to carry several bags of food.

No beer fridge?

Picnicing near a lake or a slow-running stream? Bring along some kiddies arm bands and some string. Pop bottles inside the armband and tie it to a tree to keep it nearby… instant cooling system!

Keep Hands Clean

Used to impromptu picnics in the park? Invest in some anti-bacterial hand gel, which will make eating finger-food outdoors more hygienic.

Repel Insects

Bring a spray bottle of mint mouthwash to every picnic. Why? Insects don’t like the smell of mint, and a few sprays will keep them away so that you can enjoy your meal in peace.

Light your campfire

If you are cooking using a campfire and you can't find any kindling or yours has got damp , try using a handful of Doritos which are surprisingly flamable!

Pump up the music

Pop your phone inside a plastic cup to amplify any music you want to play – just make sure you’re staying respectful to those around you. Tests have shown it can increase output by 13 decibels.

Be the BBQ King or Queen

Using disposable BBQs? Once one is finished, stack the second on top – you won’t need to find another suitable space and the second one will heat faster thanks to the residual heat of the first.

Sit comfortably

Want to sit on something soft but afraid your sweater will get muddy or sandy? Fold it up and put it inside a plastic carrier bag. It’ll be protected from the elements but still nice and soft.