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Summer’s here. The mercury levels are rising. It can only mean one thing: Picnic time!

But sometimes, the idea of having a picnic can be better than the reality – after all who wants warm drinks, sandy sandwiches and flies buzzing around your food?
That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for planning the perfect stress free picnic, from an easy way to repel insects using something everyone has in the bathroom to how to keep your beer cool with child’s armbands.

As well as our practical tips, we’ve also collected some of our favourite tongue-in-cheek suggestions for those of you who may be lucky enough to have your own butler to carry all your picnic things or who don’t mind repelling everyone around them as well as any flies. Did you know, for instance, that rubbing yourself with raw onion keeps away mosquitos? Or that bringing a gramophone is so much more ambient than packing your iPhone?

Beautifully simple & absolutely ridiculous picnic hacks. View the original version.

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition. The winner is James Gartland from Oldham with his tip:
To keep things light take paper plates and go for finger food so you don’t need knives and forks.